PvP Report

Yesterday I mentioned that I dabbled a bit in some PvP to see if it was a viable option. Realizing that a few PvP matches which were all loses was not a substantial basis for measurement, I headed out again for a few more battlegrounds so that I could get a better idea of the XP gains. Questing is by far the better way of leveling in MoP at the moment followed closely by Instances. Doing BG’s is the slower but by no means a bad option. If you are anything like me then you tend to require some variety in your game play.

All I did last night was BG’s and the XP gains weren’t too bad if you win. AV gave me about 700k for a win, that excludes any towers you may take down, they usually give about 117k so you could easily do 1.1mil XP per AV game that you win. The other BG’s like Battle for Gilneas and Arathi Basin give about 400k XP at level 89.

Battle for Gilneas is the current Call to Arms BG in Europe so I spent a fair amount of time in there for any added bonuses that I could muster.

My main driver for doing BG’s now is that I’d like to hit honor cap by the time I hit 90 in order to get at least two PvP items. Secondly I just love doing BG’s and makes my leveling time more enjoyable.

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