Learning Curves

I got to level 89 last night and decided to head into some BG’s. I’ve purposefully avoided BG’s as I just did not want to be cannon fodder; I wanted to dish out some hurt. All I can say is that Soul Reaper and Necrotic strike is the bomb, literally, watching people just explode when Soul Reaper ticks is just such a blast. I ended up in the top three for damage which I felt wasn’t too bad considering that this was my first high level BG with a Death Knight.

There are a few key bindings that I need to resolve as well as a more optimal way of stacking Death Runes in order to use Necrotic strike more frequently. The first BG I headed into was Alterac Valley as I was curious to see how much XP one would get and whether it’s a worthwhile place to try level. Realized that this wasn’t the best strategy as we lost so I’m not too sure how much XP one gets for a win in there? I’ll try again tonight for a win to see if winning in AV is a good XP booster.


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