In continuation of the PvP grind

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, my plan was to do as much leveling via BG’s as possible. Well I’ve got about 10m XP left before I hit Level 90. This is with a reasonable good win ratio as well, although I did lose my first four Alterac Valley games. For Alterac Valley I specced in Blood for the survivability as you can just get completely overwhelmed.

The problem I found with Blood however is that was unable to apply enough pressure on a single target. Case in point was when I tried to cap a tower, I would get kited by a hunter and his pet, they would attack then run, inhibiting me from capping. I just could not kill him quickly enough, and in tower maneuverability was a problem. When I eventually got the tower I was able to comfortably guard it from intruders.

Had I’d been Unholy then the hunter would not stand a chance especially in a confined space, my dots and ghoul would have taken care of him.

I should hit 90 tonight should all go to plan, then it’s RBG’s and Arena’s

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