Reputation Grind

Got myself to 87 last night and headed straight out to Kun Lai Summit, well more like a slow boat ride there. I really enjoyed both the Valley of the four Winds and Krasarang Wilds. With me leveling to 87 I got Soul reaper which I can’t wait to use in BG’s. It’s not worth it while you level as everything drops so damm fast.

I tried leveling as Frost but found the rotation boring, yes it has great burst but I just feel that Unholy has more finesse to it. Anyway back to the matter at hand. There is no lack of things to do in MoP, one of them being the reputations one can grind, this got me thinking. There is one specific reputation that I’ve been after literally since the day I started with WoW and that is the Silverwing Sentinel Reputation you get from Warsong Gulch.

Why on earth does it take so damm long to get? My warrior who I’ve play for about 2 years is not even close to getting exalted with them. I wish Blizzard would relook at those specific reputations as I really want the Justicar Title.

Strompike is a lot easier to get to Exalted, Warsong is just painful, there has to be a better way to accumulate reputation. Maybe have a tabard similar to that of Stormwind while in the BG to accelerate the gain. Anyone have some idea’s on this?

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