So Close

I’m about an hour’s play away from 89, that’s ok I suppose considering I was a fresh 87 at the start of the weekend. I wish I could just bury myself in leveling but there is just so much real life stuff to do. Ran a few instances and then really fell in love with Soul Reaper, what a fantastic skill. Watching mobs just drop is so much fun, can’t wait to use it in PvP. In instances it’s a blast to see mobs drop like flies while u kiting them.

On one mob during my grinding Soul Reaper did a 385k crit, that kind of crit would drop most players in one shot. I did capture it in recount so when I get home later today I will add it into the post.

I’m hoping to hit 90 by Wednesday should all things go to plan, then I can do some BG grinding to get the entry level PvP gear

On a personal note, my wife has put me on a diet and detox for the week, not that I’m overweight just that we have not looked after our diet and need to change it. Once that is done then I’ll start an exercise route to get my Cardio back to optimal levels.

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