Hour to go

According to my Titan addon I have about one hour of game play to go before I hit 87. People reading this must think that I’m the slowest leveler in history but for me time is so damm limited. If you would look at what I manage to get done in the time that I have then one would see that I use my time effectively. I’ve been leveling purely by questing; during the week I don’t even have the time to string an instance or two together, at least not this week with all my kids’ concerts on the go.

One of the activities I’ve avoided since its release into WoW is dailies. I’ve just never had the appetite to do these. Other that specific Reputation requirements that I may have needed, I’ve never done them, not even cooking and jewelcrafting dailies. There is something about repetitive activities that just goes against my whole being. Now I believe that there are a ton of dailies in MoP.

Outside of PvP and raiding I play the auction house, so once I’ve reached level cap I’ll be raising my professions in order to make some gold.

Two of my biggest gold makers has been Inscription and Blacksmithing, cataclysm alone I made close to 200 000. It was a simple strategy as well that allowed me to make gold, nothing elaborate just focus on specific area’s

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