Weekend report

Well I’ve got myself to level 74, is now the highest I’ve ever leveled a Death Knight. I’ve been playing as Unholy which in my view is a better PvP spec but is also a cool PVE spec. I feel a bit like a warlock in plate with a number of dots ticking on targets, one just has to get into melee range to apply.

I’ve done quite a number of BG’s as well, generally my rotation is chains of ice à Icy touch à Plague Strike à (depending if there is a group I pop pestilence to spread the love) after that I spam some blood boil. By that stage I use Death Coil and Scourge Strike. I use Festering strike to reset my dots.


I’m still struggling with Casters, especially Priests, but it’s getting better. Using the Unholy spec allows me to have a pet. This guy can stun really well and against casters is great. One just has to time Strangulate and Mind freeze.

At the moment 5 man instances are a bit of a DPS race, but hey they give good XP which is helping the leveling cause.


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