MOP Release

Well it’s expansion day here on the European realms so I can only image that the servers must be hectic right now. I’ve yet to logon and play as I have a full time job, family etc to do before gaming even enters the scene.

I’ll give it a day or so then I’ll start the leveling process. I have two accounts with my 85 druid on one account and all my other guys on the other. I’ll start with my Warrior and druid and level them together. My Druid will be my pocket healer during this time.

As for professions my Warrior is a miner / Blacksmith and my Druid does Herbalism / Inscription. I’m sure by now someone has hit level 90; if not then they would be very close.

Only problem with the expansion now is that my Death Knight is going to have to take a back seat till my other two guys hit 90.

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