Under the Hammer

It has been a rough two weeks to date, I work in the Banking sector and their freeze period kicked in mid November. This means that no changes can be made to any Production systems whatsoever. In essence, we have been working flat out to get stuff done prior to this close out period. This is my main reason for not putting up any posts. Now that the close out has kicked in I will have more time to writing and pen my thoughts.

During this time I’ve been leveling a number of alts, i.e. a monk and a second Paladin. I’ve found the Monk to extremely strong so far, only level 13 but hits like a truck (Brewmaster). My paladin (Level 35) albeit decked out in Heirlooms still struggles to take care of people, with healers it’s a joke, they are just too difficult to kill at low levels.

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