Some Frost PvP

I mentioned in an earlier post that I felt the need to swap out to Frost spec for PvP. My main reason was that I felt my Gear level was just too low to gain any benefit out of Unholy, Frost seems more forgiving and has more front end burst. I now have a gear level of 447, still too low to be competitive.

I did a real noob error in that I forgot that you could purchase Contender PvP gear from the Auction House, so I initially did some PvP with my leveling greens which was disheartening at best. Sad thing was that during that time I still managed to finish mid field in terms of damage done.

After a few matches where I just completely could not get my rotation right due to my key bindings, I managed to get to what I felt was a natural key bind setup. I dropped Necrotic strike out of my setup for now. Not sure if frost even use Necrotics at all? Could anyone give me some guidance on that one, death runes seem to be hard to come by?

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