Variety is the spice of life

Most of my gaming time is dedicated to World of Warcraft, mainly because I’ve invested so much time into the game from the days of vanilla WOW. So I have this sense of obligation to the game, even though I’ve taken regular breaks. My biggest problem at the moment is that a lot of my real life friends have moved off to other games i.e. Guilds Wars, The Secret World and EVE Online etc. So I’m at a place where I need to find new friends in game which rather challenging for me right now.

I do have an active EVE Online account which has been running for a year now whereby I’m pretty close to piloting a Caldari Dreadnaught (Phoenix). Haven’t played EVE for a few months now purely due to the skill level training that I’m going through, although once I get back into it I know I will be completely engaged again.

I bought Guild Wars 2 at launch but have pretty much not done anything except install and create a character.

So what am I trying to say, changing it up is healthy, I’d like to spend a bit more time in Guild Wars 2 as I believe the scenery is spectacular, something I wish Blizzard would look at but doubt they will only because they have higher priority ticket items to deal with.

EVE is in my view equally beautiful in its own right; there is something about that place that is tranquil and calming until you get out of high sec.

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