Momentum Gained

So I decided last night to just knuckle down and level my DK, hit a few instances and 1 battleground (WSG). I went from 77 to a few bars away from 79 which for me isn’t bad considering my busy real life schedule.

Now I’m Unholy specced and finding that he deal a tremendous amount of AOE damage, but I’m finding my single target damage to be less than optimal. Is there a specific rotation or do I just maintain the same setup as AOE?

AOE Rotation – Considering I’m still Level 78

Diseases -> Pestilence -> Blood Boil – > Death and Decay -> Scourge Strike -> Festering strike to refresh my diseases.

Is this the right rotation or am I missing the boat?

2 thoughts on “Momentum Gained

  1. For AoE I throw down DnD asap after getting diseases on and spread, even before I ping bloodboil. For Single target I burn cooldowns asap too, and try to get runepower quickly to get 5 stacks of the ghoul buff, so I can trigger the ghoul’s maxy mode.
    Are you sure that your single target dps is not being affected by Hit and Exp values? You need approx 7-7.5 in each ideally.

    • The reason I don’t drop DnD earlier is that I’m afraid of snapping to much aggro from the tank. Leveling tanks tend to forget about aoe aggro, this has been my experience, I also don’t want to be that dps who grabs the aggro and wipes the group. I’ll give the earlier DnD rotation a go tonight and see how I fair.

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