Dairy of a DK

The Death Knight is one of the few classes that I’ve never leveled past 70, probably more from a complete lack of understanding of the class more than anything else. So as a personal challenge I’ve decided to take the plunge and level one up. I’ve always had a tendency to play melee type classes, hence one would think that a DK would just fit right in with my play style, but I just could not wrap my head around the mechanics of the class, just did not feel right. Well I’m pleased to say that I’ve now got to level 65 without deleting him which is a big deal. Admittedly I was never good in PVP with a DK which is where I hang out with all my other classes.

Now that would sound strange to most as the DK always seemed to be top dog, especially when I would do a BG in the late 50 range, they were always leading the meters.

I do have a confession to make though, my key bindings just didn’t seem to work, and that is with all my classes, so even though I was doing ok, I was never great. I watched a youtube video the other day by Bajheera on key bindings which I promptly tried out. Well the difference was noticeable, in fact to the point where I was top of the damage meters. This really excited me and made me want to continue my pilgrimage to level cap.

I know that they probably won’t read this but, for me I just want to say thank you, it was really helpful.