The decisions continue

Yesterday I had a full blog typed up and ready to post, went into WordPress for it to not only not publish my post, but for it to completely lose all my work. Talk about frustration, considering it happened at the end of the day. I just packed my bags and trundled off home.

As mentioned in my last post, I had decided to cancel my subscription to WOW really out of boredom more than anything else. Thinking that I needed a change of scenery I gave Guild Wars 2 a bash. Initially I was enjoying in the game, I found the mechanics enjoyable, especially the dodge mechanics, knowing that I was in control of avoiding damage and not RNG was to me refreshing.

I’m finding that my boredom however extends beyond that of WOW and into the Fantasy world and MMO’s, possibly even gaming in general. The biggest problem for me is time, and let’s be very honest; most MMO’s have a time investment attached to it. Like most things in life you need to put time and effort in to it in order gain the benefits out of it. At the moment I just don’t have the time anymore to play on a regular basis.

The yearning to game is still there but right now there is nothing that peaks my interest.

Reality check

Life has really just taken over any and all of my time, to the point that I’m hardly getting a chance to login and do any gaming.

In Azeroth I’ve been logging in with one purpose only and that is to kill Kroll the Blade in the hopes of getting the Elixir of Ancient knowledge. I’ve managed to snag two of them for my Monk who is sitting at level 78. His game time has almost come to a grinding halt. This due to the fact that I’m completely bored with Warcraft; everything is just too dammed familiar. Seven years of the game tends to do that to a person. I need to do a detox from WOW. I used to watch a number of Twitch stream and subscribe to a few YouTube channels, I’ve stopped this completely.

I cancelled all my EVE online accounts (Two), stopped playing Diablo, which to me was a let-down anyway along with StarCraft. I do enjoy gaming but I found myself stretched thin across to many games with no focus. Even in WOW I’ve got far too many characters that have inhibited me from zeroing in on one character and mastering his abilities.

I’m in no ways stopping the Blog; I love the art of writing, it’s almost a dying art in this day and age which in my own strange way I want to conserve by way of this form of expression. It’s just that when you lose interest in an activity, the drive to blog about it goes out of the window.

I have three kids that take up a lot of my time, especially my daughter who is going to be two in October. I can’t neglect her at this young age, she is far too impressionable.

Another area of my life that is changing is diet and exercise, I’m fortunate enough that I don’t have a weight problem, but it doesn’t stop the fact that I need to eat better and exercise more. All these factors take away from game time and let’s be honest are far more important. At this moment I probably spend about 3 hours a week playing WOW which is minimal and almost not worth the subscription value anymore.

Life right now holds far most interest for me than the digital world of gaming. I want to get out more, be there for my family and just enjoy the experience.





I do have other games that I’m enjoying right now which are new and exciting for me

Falling Behind

Now that I have a mouse again I dived straight into my usual PvP addiction, however, it looks like my three weeks away from gaming has put me on the back foot. I was very rusty indeed, it’s like I had never entered a BG in my life before.

I felt like a complete and utter amateur out there, I’m average geared with full Malevolent items. I can’t see how I could fall behind that quickly. The only toon that did ok was my Druid, but she’s the worst geared of the lot, she still has some green items. Have pallies been nerfed in any way? I can’t see that that has happened at all.

DK Delight

Mr. DK is now at level 77, all I’ve really done is queued for instances in order to level up, having three level 85’s already I just did not want to go through that process again. The stories were great the first time around but now I just want to get to Pandaria. I’ve found that the queues are relatively fast as a large number of Monks are levelling especially as a tank which is great for instance turnaround times.

I’ve always been top DPS and damage dealer purely from the fact that I’ve got a number of heirloom items. Between 80 and 85 we should see a difference that will allow me to understand my true capability and whether I’m ahead or behind the curve.

My DK has no enchants at all as I’m out running the gear too quickly. My weapon has the rune of the fallen crusader for the healing benefit; it is also my PvP rune of choice.

First Instance in MOP

I ran my first 5 man instance of the expansion last night called the Stormstout Brewery. I went in with my arms warrior as that is the spec that I’m most comfortable with. If you have good AOE abilities then one should do very well in this instance. The mage ended as both top DPS and Damage with the feral druid following suite in DPS. I managed to out damage the druid but he did beat me in DPS. Not that this was a contest, really was more of an indication of how I was doing relative to my fellow gamers.

The instance itself was ok, nothing to shout home about, it’s more of a vehicle to get one to 90. It’s not a pretty instance, at least for me.

At the end of the day I did 13k dps and 15.7 mil damage.

I’d like to see how this will compare to my DK when he does the same instance at the same level (85).


Diary of a DK Episode 2

Did a few BG’s last night, constantly got Eye of the Storm, seeing as it is the Call to arms BG for the week it was bound to happen. Had some good fun though, didn’t get blasted off the edge by the flag thankfully.

Is it me or is anyone finding Priest to be highly OP at the moment? They just seem to spam penance and u die in three shots. At least that what happens to me.

Hit level 66 in the process, I want to see if I can level my DK in BG’s until 70 although this might be a bit of a grind.

Have Fun.