My Naga is here

Well I’ve eventually got my Razer Naga mouse replaced with the 2012 edition Naga. It’s taken almost three weeks; the original supplier couldn’t get the mouse for me which delayed the entire process. By chance I found the new suppliers of all things Razer. In the process of installing my mouse, I also updated all my Razer items to Synapse 2.0; my only issue is that I can’t seem to get my Ananzi Keyboard to work on the new software.

What this delay meant was that I was relegated to playing on low level alts. My level 90’s sat and gathered dust for three weeks. I also have a level 84 Shaman that I’ve been chomping at the bit to level but without the right mouse, it was impossible to play.

On a path with the Elements

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I would either continue to level my Monk or Shaman. Well I’ve found the Shaman style more to my liking. I’ve got him to level 82, An Enhancement Dwarf at that. Now in a PvP role I’ve always found him to be very squishy with a medium amount of burst. To be fair he was in level 70 PvP gear all the way to 80.

Now that I have level appropriate gear I’m finding that I’m not nearly as easy to take down as before. Also with getting Unleashed Elements I now push out way more burst. From a survival aspect I’ve changed to Astral Shift which I’ve macro’d into Shamanistic Rage.



Levelling is a lot faster than what I remember, specifically the Cataclysm part. I got through 80 and 81 in record time and it didn’t feel like I was even grinding. I did the Mount Hyjal quest line; I have a thing for Druids and their Lore.

A favourite quest line

While levelling my Shaman last night, I got to wondering what my favourite quest line has been during my time in Azeroth. There are a number that come to mind. Two of the quest lines were specific to the Paladin class and are no longer in the game.

The first one was the Verigan’s fist quest line; this was my first blue item that I received in game. In fact I still have it on my US Based account in the Bank

My second class quest was to obtain my charger at level 60. A lot of people moaned that a Paladin got a free Mount at what was max level. If I’m not mistaken most mounts at 60 cost in the region of 600 Gold.

This doesn’t sound like much but back in Vanilla it was a ton of money. What people forgot was that the quest line made you buy a ton of items that at the end of the day cost about the same anyway. The quest line was still epic though and there was this real sense of achievement.

This last quest line is still in game and one that I completed again last night namely Crusader Bridenbrad. There is a real life story behind this quest that’s really touching, it’s better explained in the URL that I ever could, just go into the comments for the full story.


There and back again

So I’ve spent some time away from both gaming and blogging, the blogging portion was not intended at all and it’s a part of me that I’ve sorely missed. In my last blog post which was published at the end of February, I was hoping to do some gaming in Guild Wars 2. I attempted the game, loved the graphics but just could not get into it at all.

Here are some of my main reasons for this (The Bad)

  • My main thought on this is that the movement mechanics felt restrictive. In WOW I used the strafe keys a lot so when I want to strafe in Guild Wars 2, it felt unresponsive, as if there was this pregnant pause before your character would move. I know the mechanic in GW2 is to roll to the sides; it’s something I haven’t quite mastered as yet.
  • The second and more annoying item was the fact that I could not zoom out very far from my character. It’s like playing a Tauren close up, you can’t see the rest of the screen. I like to have a high level overview of my environment, In essence the view felt claustrophobic.
  • I’ve always enjoyed the economy in WOW. It’s a game within a game for me and GW2 just doesn’t have the same appeal in this regard.
  • I enjoy healing classes and GW2 has a different mechanic, notice I did not say a bad way, just a different way of using the trinity.
  • No low level instances.

There are many features in GW2 that are really cool (The Good)

  • Crafting for example is way better than WOW. The idea that everyone can mine a node or chop a tree at the same time is so cool, and gives good XP while doing so.
  • Events are really smart and one of my favourite parts of the game, also a great source of XP
  • The idea that when you are in a specific zone, a higher level person is put at the same level as you.
  • It’s free, no monthly subs
  • Did I mention the graphics are fantastic

There are many other items in these lists; these are just my high level thoughts.

With all of this being said, I’ve re-subbed to WOW again. I’ve missed the place, it’s not just a game, it’s an eco-system, and there is something that keeps pulling me back. I haven’t stopped playing GW2; I need to give it a chance, I’ve given WOW 8 years so a few months is hardly fair.

So it’s been awhile since my last blog

So yes, I’ve had a couple of weeks from hell. Work has been taking over my life to the point that I’ve not had much time for anything else but eat, sleep at go to work. As I mentioned towards the end of last year, we are busy putting in a new credit card system which has ramification throughout Africa. We are getting to crunch time so I’ve had no life for the last little while.

What I’ve done now is that after six of Warcraft the time has come to retire from the game. There have been many reasons for my decision. One of them being that I’m just gotten bored with the setup, tine is a major problem for me as well. As much as I love the game, and believe me I have many cherished memories, I just feel now is the right time to quit. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop gaming completely, just that I want to explore other avenues.

I big point of me leaving is that all my friends have stopped play, and let’s be honest, the main reason one plays is to spend time with mates in game. I find more and more that guilds are not what they used to be, one ends up in almost a sterile environment where nobody chats anymore, and if they do it’s generally that someone needs a favour. I remember my first guild, it was vibrant and people were excited to be in a guild, did activities together, now it’s just min max and nothing more.

So yes on Thursday my subscription runs out, it’s a very sad moment for me as I’ve had such an absolute blast playing WOW, I’ve met some great people across both Europe and the United States.

As I mentioned earlier, this doesn’t mean that I’ve stop playing MMO’s and other games. In fact I’m busy putting what little tine I have into two other games. Namely Crysis 3 and Guild Wars 2, I love the graphics of Guild Wars 2, they have really done a fantastic job in that department. There are a lot of items that do need improving to be on par with Warcraft, and no I’m not comparing the two with each other. They are two different styles of gameplay that one needs to take cognisance of. Possibly because GW2 is different, that’s what draws me to it. I’m not going to become a hater of WOW at all, not going to fall into that trap.

I’m only level 10 at the moment so I’m by no means an expert with the game, far from. I love the fact that depending on the weapon equipped, you get a different set of abilities to use, which is really a clever setup. Also it takes away from the clutter that one can get in MMO’s.

Lastly a number of friends have moved across to GW2, and they have been begging me to join them for a while now. The guild I’m in comprises mainly of South African players, so it has a really good local feel to it, I fact we are big enough to warrant a visit from an Arenanet Dev to do a meet and greet.

So my future blogs will have a more GW2 and to a lesser extend Crysis feel to it.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you all soon.



In the event of a reset

Last night while I was shutting my PC down I got to wonder on a little point, what would happen if Blizzard did a reset on all of our accounts, basically making us all restart at level 1. Besides the obvious emotional melt downs, if you had to restart, what class, race and faction would you choose? Now for the Death Knight fans out there this would be a difficult choice knowing that we would need to start another class before we could get to our first choice.

My first choice would be a Death Knight, right now I’m a Human DK but I would probably change to an Orc DK in the event of a reset.

To start out it would be a choice between a Paladin and a Shaman. I’ve always been partial to healing classes. It would either be a human paladin or an Orc/Troll shaman.

In other news, I finally got my T2 PvP sword this weekend and what a difference it makes, normally where I was battling with clothies; I was now taking them down with consummate ease. I didn’t realise that there was so much reliance on the Weapon.

I would have had my sword a lot earlier had my line not been down over the Christmas period.

Game Changer

I was reading some articles last night of companies planning to mine asteroids for their platinum etc. Here is a link to the article This got me thinking back about my EVE Online days, I’m seriously thinking of re subscribing to the game. I’ve always loved the Sci-Fi genre and reading the article along with the new Dust 514 FPS, I have an overwhelming desire for all things space.

I used to play SWTOR as well but for some reason I did not enjoy it. I always felt that it was too close to WOW; to me SWTOR was WOW in space. EVE is just completely different; it’s just complete lawlessness where literally anything goes.

I miss some of the mining ops with my Hulk, loading it out as a tank and drones galore

I also had a second account with an Orca for storage and more drones to take pirates, used to store a fully kitted out Wolf in the Hanger just for fun.

Number Two

Hit 90 on my second character this weekend, namely my Paladin just before bedtime last night. I would have gotten their earlier but a crisis at work held me back on Friday and Saturday.

I decked myself out in the PvP Starter Pack (Contender Gear) but to date yet I’ve yet to do any battlegrounds, actually I need to get a healing set for myself as well. The gear is rather cheap to purchase from the Auction House, just the weapon that’s a pain to get, at least until patch 5.2 lands then I can get the T2 weapon with Honor Points.

I’m planning to take a break from WOW for a few days, as this last little run to get to 90 took a lot of my time away from the family which is not right, so my focus is going to be on family matters.



Paladin and co Levelling

A while ago I mentioned that I wanted to level my Paladin, well I’ve managed to get myself to level 89 as of last night. I’ve levelled as Retribution; my only problem is that I’ve found her to be a bit squishy, especially when you get a cluster of mobs. I expected her to be a lot tougher than she is. My Pally can kite well though and that has probably been my saving grace, BOP’s Freedoms and the good ol HOJ. Naturally blinding light has saved me on many occasions.

I’ve not done a lot of instances; I’ve found them to be slower than just questing. The great thing about questing is all the items I get to disenchant which helps me to build up some stock

Once I hit 90 I have a decision as to whether I take my 86 Warrior to 90 or my 85 Druid? Now I also have a 72 Shaman lingering around, (Altism anyone?)

Now all of my characters are Alliance but to be honest I’m getting bored with the faction, I’ve always found the Horde lore to be a lot more interesting, especially when in concerns Thrall. Now even though I have a warrior at 86, I’ve started a new Orc warrior as I want to experience the Horde story from start to end.