Falling Behind

Now that I have a mouse again I dived straight into my usual PvP addiction, however, it looks like my three weeks away from gaming has put me on the back foot. I was very rusty indeed, it’s like I had never entered a BG in my life before.

I felt like a complete and utter amateur out there, I’m average geared with full Malevolent items. I can’t see how I could fall behind that quickly. The only toon that did ok was my Druid, but she’s the worst geared of the lot, she still has some green items. Have pallies been nerfed in any way? I can’t see that that has happened at all.

Up to Three

Prior to me taking a break from WOW, I had a level 85 Druid hanging around as my Bank alt. She did inscription so would sit in Stormwind making and selling Glyphs. I decided to level her to 90 which I finally achieved this past Sunday. My Druid was my main during Cataclysm; it was during that time I made my most amount of Gold from the Auction House.

Going into a battleground as a fresh 90 with Crafted gear is a rude awakening at best. Thank goodness for stealth and the Night Elf racial of Shadow meld, gets me out of trouble a lot.

I originally levelled my Druid as a Tauren Tank just to get instant Queues for 5 mans. Also most of my friends were Horde at the time.

My next character to 90 will either be my Monk or Shaman, I’m leaning towards the Shaman but time will tell. People probably think that I’m crazy to have so many alts; I find it almost easier to level a character than to gear one out. Also I get bored easily and need something new to play with.

What it really helps with is understanding what other classes do so that I’m better able to play against them in PvP.

Diary of a DK Episode 2

Did a few BG’s last night, constantly got Eye of the Storm, seeing as it is the Call to arms BG for the week it was bound to happen. Had some good fun though, didn’t get blasted off the edge by the flag thankfully.

Is it me or is anyone finding Priest to be highly OP at the moment? They just seem to spam penance and u die in three shots. At least that what happens to me.

Hit level 66 in the process, I want to see if I can level my DK in BG’s until 70 although this might be a bit of a grind.

Have Fun.