Going off topic

I’ve been agonizing over this subject the entire weekend. this is going to be a sensitive topic not relating to any form of gaming at all. If you leave now I would not be upset, I just want to pen my thoughts on a matter that is prevalent in my country. I live in South Africa, it’s a beautiful country with an exquisite outdoor lifestyle.

We however have a serious problem in this country namely rape. We have been labeled the rape capital of the world which is not something you want to put behind your name.

About a week go a young 17 year old girl was brutally raped and murdered which has sent shock waves through the community. This is on the back of a program that was aired on the History channel called “Miracle rising”. It’s true that we went into democracy not on the back of civil war but as a result of people willing to forgive each other. Yet it is scarred with this absolute atrocity to women.

We have gone from a miracle rebirth to a society that is full of greed, furthermore we have become intolerant of criticism and of each other.

I do once again apologies for this topic, it’s that I just feel so strongly about my country and the way it’s just falling back to the terrible ways of apartheid. Not from a race distinction but from that of class. We are no longer empathetic and while this all plays out we let rape and crime continue at unacceptable rates.

What happened to our spirit where anything was possible? This country belongs to its people and not that of any one organization. Our freedoms are being challenged all over again, if we can’t even walk on the streets without the threat of crime, then are we truly free or just prisoners of a different kind.

This country Is worth fighting for and I will fight for freedom again.

In the event of a reset

Last night while I was shutting my PC down I got to wonder on a little point, what would happen if Blizzard did a reset on all of our accounts, basically making us all restart at level 1. Besides the obvious emotional melt downs, if you had to restart, what class, race and faction would you choose? Now for the Death Knight fans out there this would be a difficult choice knowing that we would need to start another class before we could get to our first choice.

My first choice would be a Death Knight, right now I’m a Human DK but I would probably change to an Orc DK in the event of a reset.

To start out it would be a choice between a Paladin and a Shaman. I’ve always been partial to healing classes. It would either be a human paladin or an Orc/Troll shaman.

In other news, I finally got my T2 PvP sword this weekend and what a difference it makes, normally where I was battling with clothies; I was now taking them down with consummate ease. I didn’t realise that there was so much reliance on the Weapon.

I would have had my sword a lot earlier had my line not been down over the Christmas period.

Game Changer

I was reading some articles last night of companies planning to mine asteroids for their platinum etc. Here is a link to the article http://mashable.com/2013/01/28/mining-asteroids-gold-platinum/. This got me thinking back about my EVE Online days, I’m seriously thinking of re subscribing to the game. I’ve always loved the Sci-Fi genre and reading the article along with the new Dust 514 FPS, I have an overwhelming desire for all things space.

I used to play SWTOR as well but for some reason I did not enjoy it. I always felt that it was too close to WOW; to me SWTOR was WOW in space. EVE is just completely different; it’s just complete lawlessness where literally anything goes.

I miss some of the mining ops with my Hulk, loading it out as a tank and drones galore

I also had a second account with an Orca for storage and more drones to take pirates, used to store a fully kitted out Wolf in the Hanger just for fun.

Number Two

Hit 90 on my second character this weekend, namely my Paladin just before bedtime last night. I would have gotten their earlier but a crisis at work held me back on Friday and Saturday.

I decked myself out in the PvP Starter Pack (Contender Gear) but to date yet I’ve yet to do any battlegrounds, actually I need to get a healing set for myself as well. The gear is rather cheap to purchase from the Auction House, just the weapon that’s a pain to get, at least until patch 5.2 lands then I can get the T2 weapon with Honor Points.

I’m planning to take a break from WOW for a few days, as this last little run to get to 90 took a lot of my time away from the family which is not right, so my focus is going to be on family matters.



Paladin and co Levelling

A while ago I mentioned that I wanted to level my Paladin, well I’ve managed to get myself to level 89 as of last night. I’ve levelled as Retribution; my only problem is that I’ve found her to be a bit squishy, especially when you get a cluster of mobs. I expected her to be a lot tougher than she is. My Pally can kite well though and that has probably been my saving grace, BOP’s Freedoms and the good ol HOJ. Naturally blinding light has saved me on many occasions.

I’ve not done a lot of instances; I’ve found them to be slower than just questing. The great thing about questing is all the items I get to disenchant which helps me to build up some stock

Once I hit 90 I have a decision as to whether I take my 86 Warrior to 90 or my 85 Druid? Now I also have a 72 Shaman lingering around, (Altism anyone?)

Now all of my characters are Alliance but to be honest I’m getting bored with the faction, I’ve always found the Horde lore to be a lot more interesting, especially when in concerns Thrall. Now even though I have a warrior at 86, I’ve started a new Orc warrior as I want to experience the Horde story from start to end.

Lost for a topic to write about

I’ve sat behind my computer looking at the blank word document with no clue what I want to write about. One would have thought that I’d have a myriad of topics built up to discuss, but sadly I don’t. I’ve got a sudden case of writer’s block which I’ve not experienced before.

As an aside, I did order a new game on pre-release yesterday namely Crysis 3 hunter edition for PC. All the video’s on YouTube look epic and give the impression that the game will not be your average FPS. I’m looking forward to this game as it will be a good change of pace.

I’m back

Happy new year to all the bloggers and readers out there. The reason for my lack of posting is due to the fact that my broadband connection was down for almost a month. So i was left disconnected from the world for a fair amount of time. With that as my only broadband connection, it left me without my umbilical cord to the internet.

Not all was lost however as it gave me time rethink my gaming schedule and how much of my time is taken up to gaming. I was able to reflect on more important parts of my life. The downtime corresponded to my annual leave which at first was frustrating as i had planned to do some raiding.

I managed to work on my house and complete some tasks i would not have normally done. My wife was well pleased with my misfortune and hence I’ve built up some good reputation with the boss.

One tends to forget just how reliant we have become on being always connected. There was something refreshing about having this “Technology fast” enforced on me. Yes i did miss out on some news but, like any soap opera, within a few days one is back to speed with the goings on in the digital universe.

Although my initial intention of this blog to focus on Death Knight PvP. I’ve come to realise that it is to narrow a subject. I’m planning to find a raiding guild and progress there as well. Not only with my Death Knight but also my Paladin and Shaman.

It’s great to be back, speak to you soon

A time of Restoration

I may have mentioned in an earlier post but I’m a bit of an Altoholic. I’ve created a Shaman that I would like to level as restoration. Now I had a Dwarf shaman previously but with all the changes, specifically on the totem side I would like to re-level to relearn the changes. Sadistic I know but I’ve always been like that.

This is where I need help, are there any Shamans out there that could assist me with some totem macro’s, how does one go about dropping 4 totems again? Is it even possible to do this or do you have to bind each totem individually?

If I look at healing, I’m finding that the Shaman is the strongest both from a PVE and PVP perspective. As a race I went with a male Draenei to see how well Gift of the Naaru will work, I also like their animations along with their intimidating posture.

Soloing old world content


There is an interesting article on WOW insider about soloing old world content. This article specifically looks at how a Blood Death Knight managed to take down Deathwing in 10 man mode.

I’ve always been a fan of doing old world content and setting myself personal goals. I did Gruul’s lair over the weekend with my DK, and although this isn’t really a hard fight to solo it’s a start to hopefully greater achievements. I was unholy spec and decked out in my PvP gear.

The question that’s a begging is what class is the best for soloing content? Specifically raids that are one expansion old. I remember that I enjoyed using my Pally with protection spec, using seal of light and procing Reckoning, then again, it helped having adds around as a single Boss would take a long time to drop.