The written form of story telling

For many years now I’ve wanted to write a book. It’s been a desire of mine for absolute ages; I love the idea of storytelling, being able to express action and emotion in the written form. It’s a creative part of me that I’ve wanted to express but lacked confidence to do it.

I’ve got a vague idea in my mind in terms of the core plot but not too sure of the genre to use. There are the classical genres like Fantasy, Sci-fi or post-apocalyptic. There is also the notion of trying modern day, typically war related like Tom Clancy style. People like to escape their own lives and live out the life of others which is exciting and adventurous, with the romantic notion that the hero always wins and the bad guy is defeated.

Conspiracy theories are another form that could be explored. People are fixated with this topic; the possibility that there are ulterior motives behind everything seems to prick the imagination.

Now as a strange side effect, I don’t read a lot of books myself, that’s my wife’s domain. I find that the patience to sit and read hours on end eludes me. It’s a bit like Golf, I’m not a fan of watching the sport on TV but do enjoy playing the game.



The decisions continue

Yesterday I had a full blog typed up and ready to post, went into WordPress for it to not only not publish my post, but for it to completely lose all my work. Talk about frustration, considering it happened at the end of the day. I just packed my bags and trundled off home.

As mentioned in my last post, I had decided to cancel my subscription to WOW really out of boredom more than anything else. Thinking that I needed a change of scenery I gave Guild Wars 2 a bash. Initially I was enjoying in the game, I found the mechanics enjoyable, especially the dodge mechanics, knowing that I was in control of avoiding damage and not RNG was to me refreshing.

I’m finding that my boredom however extends beyond that of WOW and into the Fantasy world and MMO’s, possibly even gaming in general. The biggest problem for me is time, and let’s be very honest; most MMO’s have a time investment attached to it. Like most things in life you need to put time and effort in to it in order gain the benefits out of it. At the moment I just don’t have the time anymore to play on a regular basis.

The yearning to game is still there but right now there is nothing that peaks my interest.