Been off road lately

The family and I took a much needed vacation out at Sun City, partially because it was paid for by my Wife’s work and also because it served the purpose of watching a 4×4 Rally being held out there. That was the exiting bit which my sons really enjoyed. One can’t believe how fast these drivers go on dirt, they have some serious skill. It was great to just get away into the South African bushveld and enjoy the surroundings it has on offer.

Game time has been a bit limited as I got a new computer, so setting everything up the way I like it takes time. With the new setup I took the advantage of creating a new UI in WOW as well, this is still a work in progress; I’m a bit minimalist in nature, hate having too much clutter on my screen. Either the Addon servers a purpose or it goes.

With regards to my Monk, I hoped onto to him this past weekend and levelled him to 74 in about 2 hours or so. I’m actually setting him up to do some quick levelling when he hits 80. I’ve managed to get an Elixir of ancient knowledge from Krol the Blade in dread Wastes via my Feral Druid. In fact got the Elixir on my second kill, have had many attempts but one tends to get ganked a lot.

If you don’t know, the elixir grants you 300% increase in xp gained up to level 84 and lasts an for one hour. So my aim is to try and get a few more of these, but they don’t come around that easily.

I’ve also continued on my Warrior on Guild Wars 2. I have a number of mates who play the game that have begged me to join them. I must say that the graphics in GW2 are exceptional to say the least. The play style is a lot different but I’m starting to enjoy myself now that i understand the mechanics a bit better. Levelling for me is slow but I hope by the time I hit 30 or so that this will speed up.

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