Out of that Land

Often you get mails or adverts that tell you that you can level a character to 90 in four days. I’m going to assume that the mean 4 days /played time. Now one of my biggest drivers for levelling my Monk is to see if I can get him to 90 in fewer than four days.

Here is my progress so far

Vanilla:            23 hours 49 minutes played

Burning Crusade:    10 hours 16 minutes played

Reached Northrend in     1 day 10 hours 5 minutes played


I’m using all manner of tricks to try and boost my levelling speed. I have seven heirloom items and I try get as much rested XP as possible. Monks have additional advantage of getting a buff to XP gained when you complete a daily quest at the Peak of Serenity. I’ve even forgone levelling any form of profession as I don’t want any distractions. In fact if you go to my Armory under the Professions link it Quotes “Hrmm… This character isn’t very helpful without professions.

To give one an idea of how I’m avoiding distractions, my monk hasn’t even set foot in a battleground as in my view they do not give any decent amount of XP. Now for someone who loves PvP you can imagine how tough this is for me. I have no view of how good or bad a monk is in battlegrounds.

I’m hoping to finish Northrend by the time I get to two days played. In order to complete this I’m building up some rested XP. This is a solo effort, I don’t have a pocket healer or a group helping me mob tag, it’s just questing and the odd instance or two.

I plan to start out at the Howling Fjord due to what I think is a bit of a glitch. Just outside the camp at Howling Fjord there is a constant rush of mobs, never ending rush in fact, here you can kill mobs every few seconds and gain a large amount of XP. I did it before on a previous character whereby I levelled to 70 in next to no time.


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