Arena Time Part 2

Well my second night of Arenas produced much better results than the first night. My win ration went from 15% to 50% wins. I was able to get the Tyrannical Gladiator’s Greatsword which aided me further in the success of the evening.

I’m only doing 2v2 for now until as such time that I’m confident to move up to 3’s. The biggest item holding me back right now is my Macro’s, specifically my focus macro. I need to resolve these urgently else I feel I’m not going to progress to the levels I want to attain for myself.

I do have a macro’s section on this blog which is severely lacking in content right now; this will be rectified real soon.

Does anyone have some decent Macro’s to use, maybe a link to up to date web sites. I’ve noticed a number of sites that advertise macros that tend to be out of date?

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