The all new BMW class

A while back I mentioned my fetish for alts, well that bug bit again and I started another character, namely:




The ol famous Monk, I decked him out in a plethora of Heirlooms and headed into Azeroth for some Kung Fu fighting. I decided that Human was the best way to go; every man for himself is just too difficult to give up in PvP.

After 10 hours /Played, I’ve managed to get myself to level 40 and what’s no to love about this class. I’ve always favoured mobility and the Monk has it all, Roll, Tiger Lust and Flying Serpent Kick. I just love zooming all over the place.



I’ve forgone any professions right now in favour of just getting to level 90. I want an unhindered path to top level, no distractions whatsoever; he hasn’t even stepped into a battleground. I’ve specialised Windwalker, yes I could go Brewmaster for instant Queues, but to be honest, questing along with odd Instance is giving more than enough XP.

Considering that I’m not doing any PvP during levelling, I might just race swap to a panda for the additional food buff from Epicurean and increased rested XP from Inner Peace.

I’m looking forward to reaching 90 on my Monk, this would make it number 4 when I get there.

2 thoughts on “The all new BMW class

  1. If you’ve got a full set of int leather heirlooms lying around, below 60 is a great time to experiment with Mistweaver spec. You’ll be so overpowered you’ll compete on DPS and heal pretty effortlessly; it’s a fun experience that gets much harder if you wait to 80+ to try it.

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