Moving to the Far side

I’m having a bit of a paradigm shift in my Warcraft game play. I’ve spent much of my time as everyone is aware in the PvP world with an almost complete disregard for PVE. The time however has come for me to try focus a bit more attention to Raiding. I feel like I’m missing out on a good 70% of what Warcraft is all about.

One of the decisions leading up to this was is probably the maturity levels I’m finding in random BG’s. I’m not saying that LFR and Raiding has a more mature base, it just feels like PvP has become a kids game. They are horrendously immature and completely unstructured.

I’m a IT Project Manager by profession so you can understand that my world needs to be planned and structured. The other problem I’m finding is that guys are not letting you into RBG’s either if you haven’t got the gear levels or correct social standings. It’s a bit of a small group that’s hard to break into.

This however is not my main reason for the foray into PVE; I just want to experience the game at a deeper level and experience the Lore.

My deciding factor now is which class should I PVE with. I currently have the following choices.

  • Death Knight (Frost / Unholy)
  • Paladin (Retribution)
  • Druid (Feral)
  • Shaman (Elemental / Restoration)

I’m kind of leaning towards my Shaman purely because everyone is always short a healer. If there are more experienced PVE players out there, let me know which is a better class.

2 thoughts on “Moving to the Far side

  1. Unless you are trying to join a raid team that is doing heroics, any of the dps classes should be fairly equal in most eyes. That said, it may be easier to join a raid team as a ranged, since stocking up on ranged lets raiders ignore many mechanics that would trouble melee. I’d probably say whichever one you like to play, since otherwise you probably won’t stay interested for long.

    • I’m really enjoying the Elemental spec at the moment which is odd as I’ve always been a melee type person. One of the other reason I want to go both Elemental and Resto is the fact that I don’t really have to get two sets of gear.

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