Out of that Land

Often you get mails or adverts that tell you that you can level a character to 90 in four days. I’m going to assume that the mean 4 days /played time. Now one of my biggest drivers for levelling my Monk is to see if I can get him to 90 in fewer than four days.

Here is my progress so far

Vanilla:            23 hours 49 minutes played

Burning Crusade:    10 hours 16 minutes played

Reached Northrend in     1 day 10 hours 5 minutes played


I’m using all manner of tricks to try and boost my levelling speed. I have seven heirloom items and I try get as much rested XP as possible. Monks have additional advantage of getting a buff to XP gained when you complete a daily quest at the Peak of Serenity. I’ve even forgone levelling any form of profession as I don’t want any distractions. In fact if you go to my Armory under the Professions link it Quotes “Hrmm… This character isn’t very helpful without professions.

To give one an idea of how I’m avoiding distractions, my monk hasn’t even set foot in a battleground as in my view they do not give any decent amount of XP. Now for someone who loves PvP you can imagine how tough this is for me. I have no view of how good or bad a monk is in battlegrounds.

I’m hoping to finish Northrend by the time I get to two days played. In order to complete this I’m building up some rested XP. This is a solo effort, I don’t have a pocket healer or a group helping me mob tag, it’s just questing and the odd instance or two.

I plan to start out at the Howling Fjord due to what I think is a bit of a glitch. Just outside the camp at Howling Fjord there is a constant rush of mobs, never ending rush in fact, here you can kill mobs every few seconds and gain a large amount of XP. I did it before on a previous character whereby I levelled to 70 in next to no time.


Patch 5.4 Proving Grounds

Nethaera from Blizzard has written a comprehensive article on her Blog regarding Proving Grounds. I for one will be utilizing this feature once 5.4 goes live. Often you will find me testing out rotations at a training dummy, but if you aren’t a DPS spec then you are limited for places to “Practice” especially if you are a healing class and to a lesser extent a Tank. You can’t exactly taunt the training dummy to attack you.


The other cool feature is the availability of four different modes namely: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Endless

I for one think that proving grounds, along with the dropping of arena teams is almost a quality of life change in WOW. This along with Blizzard allowing cross realm teams to compete in arenas.

The Monk report

I achieved my first goal this weekend with my Monk. I managed to get him to Outland (Level 58) in /played time of 23 Hours and 49 Minutes. Within 1 hour of questing in Outland I hit 60 which is really easy to do as quests and instances give a boat load of XP.

My time in the Arena’s is ever improving; we managed to get to a 1500 rating by Saturday night. I was initially playing on my DK but swapped him out for my Feral Druid who I just feel more comfortable with.

I’m thinking of swapping out incarnation in favour of force of Nature. My gear is not that great that it allows me to utilise Incarnation properly, the stuns however from force of nature will mess with casters, I’ll try to play the long game with them

Arena Time Part 2

Well my second night of Arenas produced much better results than the first night. My win ration went from 15% to 50% wins. I was able to get the Tyrannical Gladiator’s Greatsword which aided me further in the success of the evening.

I’m only doing 2v2 for now until as such time that I’m confident to move up to 3’s. The biggest item holding me back right now is my Macro’s, specifically my focus macro. I need to resolve these urgently else I feel I’m not going to progress to the levels I want to attain for myself.

I do have a macro’s section on this blog which is severely lacking in content right now; this will be rectified real soon.

Does anyone have some decent Macro’s to use, maybe a link to up to date web sites. I’ve noticed a number of sites that advertise macros that tend to be out of date?

Arena Time

So I hopped onto my Death Knight to do some arenas. Not having set foot into an arena with my DK, I was a bit rusty to say the least. However, you could have imagined my surprise when I was unable to use Army of the Dead.

One of my major cooldowns was blotted out of the equation. I must have been living under a rock or just not noticing that they have disabled certain abilities within arenas.

Does every class have an ability disabled or is it confined to the DK only? I remember hearing about the Shammy having Heroism disabled and the Druid having battle rez (Rebirth) disabled. Battle Rez would be stupidly overpowered in Arenas though.

The all new BMW class

A while back I mentioned my fetish for alts, well that bug bit again and I started another character, namely:




The ol famous Monk, I decked him out in a plethora of Heirlooms and headed into Azeroth for some Kung Fu fighting. I decided that Human was the best way to go; every man for himself is just too difficult to give up in PvP.

After 10 hours /Played, I’ve managed to get myself to level 40 and what’s no to love about this class. I’ve always favoured mobility and the Monk has it all, Roll, Tiger Lust and Flying Serpent Kick. I just love zooming all over the place.



I’ve forgone any professions right now in favour of just getting to level 90. I want an unhindered path to top level, no distractions whatsoever; he hasn’t even stepped into a battleground. I’ve specialised Windwalker, yes I could go Brewmaster for instant Queues, but to be honest, questing along with odd Instance is giving more than enough XP.

Considering that I’m not doing any PvP during levelling, I might just race swap to a panda for the additional food buff from Epicurean and increased rested XP from Inner Peace.

I’m looking forward to reaching 90 on my Monk, this would make it number 4 when I get there.

Moving to the Far side

I’m having a bit of a paradigm shift in my Warcraft game play. I’ve spent much of my time as everyone is aware in the PvP world with an almost complete disregard for PVE. The time however has come for me to try focus a bit more attention to Raiding. I feel like I’m missing out on a good 70% of what Warcraft is all about.

One of the decisions leading up to this was is probably the maturity levels I’m finding in random BG’s. I’m not saying that LFR and Raiding has a more mature base, it just feels like PvP has become a kids game. They are horrendously immature and completely unstructured.

I’m a IT Project Manager by profession so you can understand that my world needs to be planned and structured. The other problem I’m finding is that guys are not letting you into RBG’s either if you haven’t got the gear levels or correct social standings. It’s a bit of a small group that’s hard to break into.

This however is not my main reason for the foray into PVE; I just want to experience the game at a deeper level and experience the Lore.

My deciding factor now is which class should I PVE with. I currently have the following choices.

  • Death Knight (Frost / Unholy)
  • Paladin (Retribution)
  • Druid (Feral)
  • Shaman (Elemental / Restoration)

I’m kind of leaning towards my Shaman purely because everyone is always short a healer. If there are more experienced PVE players out there, let me know which is a better class.