On a path with the Elements

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I would either continue to level my Monk or Shaman. Well I’ve found the Shaman style more to my liking. I’ve got him to level 82, An Enhancement Dwarf at that. Now in a PvP role I’ve always found him to be very squishy with a medium amount of burst. To be fair he was in level 70 PvP gear all the way to 80.

Now that I have level appropriate gear I’m finding that I’m not nearly as easy to take down as before. Also with getting Unleashed Elements I now push out way more burst. From a survival aspect I’ve changed to Astral Shift which I’ve macro’d into Shamanistic Rage.



Levelling is a lot faster than what I remember, specifically the Cataclysm part. I got through 80 and 81 in record time and it didn’t feel like I was even grinding. I did the Mount Hyjal quest line; I have a thing for Druids and their Lore.

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