There and back again

So I’ve spent some time away from both gaming and blogging, the blogging portion was not intended at all and it’s a part of me that I’ve sorely missed. In my last blog post which was published at the end of February, I was hoping to do some gaming in Guild Wars 2. I attempted the game, loved the graphics but just could not get into it at all.

Here are some of my main reasons for this (The Bad)

  • My main thought on this is that the movement mechanics felt restrictive. In WOW I used the strafe keys a lot so when I want to strafe in Guild Wars 2, it felt unresponsive, as if there was this pregnant pause before your character would move. I know the mechanic in GW2 is to roll to the sides; it’s something I haven’t quite mastered as yet.
  • The second and more annoying item was the fact that I could not zoom out very far from my character. It’s like playing a Tauren close up, you can’t see the rest of the screen. I like to have a high level overview of my environment, In essence the view felt claustrophobic.
  • I’ve always enjoyed the economy in WOW. It’s a game within a game for me and GW2 just doesn’t have the same appeal in this regard.
  • I enjoy healing classes and GW2 has a different mechanic, notice I did not say a bad way, just a different way of using the trinity.
  • No low level instances.

There are many features in GW2 that are really cool (The Good)

  • Crafting for example is way better than WOW. The idea that everyone can mine a node or chop a tree at the same time is so cool, and gives good XP while doing so.
  • Events are really smart and one of my favourite parts of the game, also a great source of XP
  • The idea that when you are in a specific zone, a higher level person is put at the same level as you.
  • It’s free, no monthly subs
  • Did I mention the graphics are fantastic

There are many other items in these lists; these are just my high level thoughts.

With all of this being said, I’ve re-subbed to WOW again. I’ve missed the place, it’s not just a game, it’s an eco-system, and there is something that keeps pulling me back. I haven’t stopped playing GW2; I need to give it a chance, I’ve given WOW 8 years so a few months is hardly fair.

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