A favourite quest line

While levelling my Shaman last night, I got to wondering what my favourite quest line has been during my time in Azeroth. There are a number that come to mind. Two of the quest lines were specific to the Paladin class and are no longer in the game.

The first one was the Verigan’s fist quest line; this was my first blue item that I received in game. In fact I still have it on my US Based account in the Bank

My second class quest was to obtain my charger at level 60. A lot of people moaned that a Paladin got a free Mount at what was max level. If I’m not mistaken most mounts at 60 cost in the region of 600 Gold.

This doesn’t sound like much but back in Vanilla it was a ton of money. What people forgot was that the quest line made you buy a ton of items that at the end of the day cost about the same anyway. The quest line was still epic though and there was this real sense of achievement.

This last quest line is still in game and one that I completed again last night namely Crusader Bridenbrad. There is a real life story behind this quest that’s really touching, it’s better explained in the URL that I ever could, just go into the comments for the full story.


Up to Three

Prior to me taking a break from WOW, I had a level 85 Druid hanging around as my Bank alt. She did inscription so would sit in Stormwind making and selling Glyphs. I decided to level her to 90 which I finally achieved this past Sunday. My Druid was my main during Cataclysm; it was during that time I made my most amount of Gold from the Auction House.

Going into a battleground as a fresh 90 with Crafted gear is a rude awakening at best. Thank goodness for stealth and the Night Elf racial of Shadow meld, gets me out of trouble a lot.

I originally levelled my Druid as a Tauren Tank just to get instant Queues for 5 mans. Also most of my friends were Horde at the time.

My next character to 90 will either be my Monk or Shaman, I’m leaning towards the Shaman but time will tell. People probably think that I’m crazy to have so many alts; I find it almost easier to level a character than to gear one out. Also I get bored easily and need something new to play with.

What it really helps with is understanding what other classes do so that I’m better able to play against them in PvP.

There and back again

So I’ve spent some time away from both gaming and blogging, the blogging portion was not intended at all and it’s a part of me that I’ve sorely missed. In my last blog post which was published at the end of February, I was hoping to do some gaming in Guild Wars 2. I attempted the game, loved the graphics but just could not get into it at all.

Here are some of my main reasons for this (The Bad)

  • My main thought on this is that the movement mechanics felt restrictive. In WOW I used the strafe keys a lot so when I want to strafe in Guild Wars 2, it felt unresponsive, as if there was this pregnant pause before your character would move. I know the mechanic in GW2 is to roll to the sides; it’s something I haven’t quite mastered as yet.
  • The second and more annoying item was the fact that I could not zoom out very far from my character. It’s like playing a Tauren close up, you can’t see the rest of the screen. I like to have a high level overview of my environment, In essence the view felt claustrophobic.
  • I’ve always enjoyed the economy in WOW. It’s a game within a game for me and GW2 just doesn’t have the same appeal in this regard.
  • I enjoy healing classes and GW2 has a different mechanic, notice I did not say a bad way, just a different way of using the trinity.
  • No low level instances.

There are many features in GW2 that are really cool (The Good)

  • Crafting for example is way better than WOW. The idea that everyone can mine a node or chop a tree at the same time is so cool, and gives good XP while doing so.
  • Events are really smart and one of my favourite parts of the game, also a great source of XP
  • The idea that when you are in a specific zone, a higher level person is put at the same level as you.
  • It’s free, no monthly subs
  • Did I mention the graphics are fantastic

There are many other items in these lists; these are just my high level thoughts.

With all of this being said, I’ve re-subbed to WOW again. I’ve missed the place, it’s not just a game, it’s an eco-system, and there is something that keeps pulling me back. I haven’t stopped playing GW2; I need to give it a chance, I’ve given WOW 8 years so a few months is hardly fair.