Going off topic

I’ve been agonizing over this subject the entire weekend. this is going to be a sensitive topic not relating to any form of gaming at all. If you leave now I would not be upset, I just want to pen my thoughts on a matter that is prevalent in my country. I live in South Africa, it’s a beautiful country with an exquisite outdoor lifestyle.

We however have a serious problem in this country namely rape. We have been labeled the rape capital of the world which is not something you want to put behind your name.

About a week go a young 17 year old girl was brutally raped and murdered which has sent shock waves through the community. This is on the back of a program that was aired on the History channel called “Miracle rising”. It’s true that we went into democracy not on the back of civil war but as a result of people willing to forgive each other. Yet it is scarred with this absolute atrocity to women.

We have gone from a miracle rebirth to a society that is full of greed, furthermore we have become intolerant of criticism and of each other.

I do once again apologies for this topic, it’s that I just feel so strongly about my country and the way it’s just falling back to the terrible ways of apartheid. Not from a race distinction but from that of class. We are no longer empathetic and while this all plays out we let rape and crime continue at unacceptable rates.

What happened to our spirit where anything was possible? This country belongs to its people and not that of any one organization. Our freedoms are being challenged all over again, if we can’t even walk on the streets without the threat of crime, then are we truly free or just prisoners of a different kind.

This country Is worth fighting for and I will fight for freedom again.

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