In the event of a reset

Last night while I was shutting my PC down I got to wonder on a little point, what would happen if Blizzard did a reset on all of our accounts, basically making us all restart at level 1. Besides the obvious emotional melt downs, if you had to restart, what class, race and faction would you choose? Now for the Death Knight fans out there this would be a difficult choice knowing that we would need to start another class before we could get to our first choice.

My first choice would be a Death Knight, right now I’m a Human DK but I would probably change to an Orc DK in the event of a reset.

To start out it would be a choice between a Paladin and a Shaman. I’ve always been partial to healing classes. It would either be a human paladin or an Orc/Troll shaman.

In other news, I finally got my T2 PvP sword this weekend and what a difference it makes, normally where I was battling with clothies; I was now taking them down with consummate ease. I didn’t realise that there was so much reliance on the Weapon.

I would have had my sword a lot earlier had my line not been down over the Christmas period.

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