So it’s been awhile since my last blog

So yes, I’ve had a couple of weeks from hell. Work has been taking over my life to the point that I’ve not had much time for anything else but eat, sleep at go to work. As I mentioned towards the end of last year, we are busy putting in a new credit card system which has ramification throughout Africa. We are getting to crunch time so I’ve had no life for the last little while.

What I’ve done now is that after six of Warcraft the time has come to retire from the game. There have been many reasons for my decision. One of them being that I’m just gotten bored with the setup, tine is a major problem for me as well. As much as I love the game, and believe me I have many cherished memories, I just feel now is the right time to quit. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop gaming completely, just that I want to explore other avenues.

I big point of me leaving is that all my friends have stopped play, and let’s be honest, the main reason one plays is to spend time with mates in game. I find more and more that guilds are not what they used to be, one ends up in almost a sterile environment where nobody chats anymore, and if they do it’s generally that someone needs a favour. I remember my first guild, it was vibrant and people were excited to be in a guild, did activities together, now it’s just min max and nothing more.

So yes on Thursday my subscription runs out, it’s a very sad moment for me as I’ve had such an absolute blast playing WOW, I’ve met some great people across both Europe and the United States.

As I mentioned earlier, this doesn’t mean that I’ve stop playing MMO’s and other games. In fact I’m busy putting what little tine I have into two other games. Namely Crysis 3 and Guild Wars 2, I love the graphics of Guild Wars 2, they have really done a fantastic job in that department. There are a lot of items that do need improving to be on par with Warcraft, and no I’m not comparing the two with each other. They are two different styles of gameplay that one needs to take cognisance of. Possibly because GW2 is different, that’s what draws me to it. I’m not going to become a hater of WOW at all, not going to fall into that trap.

I’m only level 10 at the moment so I’m by no means an expert with the game, far from. I love the fact that depending on the weapon equipped, you get a different set of abilities to use, which is really a clever setup. Also it takes away from the clutter that one can get in MMO’s.

Lastly a number of friends have moved across to GW2, and they have been begging me to join them for a while now. The guild I’m in comprises mainly of South African players, so it has a really good local feel to it, I fact we are big enough to warrant a visit from an Arenanet Dev to do a meet and greet.

So my future blogs will have a more GW2 and to a lesser extend Crysis feel to it.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you all soon.



Going off topic

I’ve been agonizing over this subject the entire weekend. this is going to be a sensitive topic not relating to any form of gaming at all. If you leave now I would not be upset, I just want to pen my thoughts on a matter that is prevalent in my country. I live in South Africa, it’s a beautiful country with an exquisite outdoor lifestyle.

We however have a serious problem in this country namely rape. We have been labeled the rape capital of the world which is not something you want to put behind your name.

About a week go a young 17 year old girl was brutally raped and murdered which has sent shock waves through the community. This is on the back of a program that was aired on the History channel called “Miracle rising”. It’s true that we went into democracy not on the back of civil war but as a result of people willing to forgive each other. Yet it is scarred with this absolute atrocity to women.

We have gone from a miracle rebirth to a society that is full of greed, furthermore we have become intolerant of criticism and of each other.

I do once again apologies for this topic, it’s that I just feel so strongly about my country and the way it’s just falling back to the terrible ways of apartheid. Not from a race distinction but from that of class. We are no longer empathetic and while this all plays out we let rape and crime continue at unacceptable rates.

What happened to our spirit where anything was possible? This country belongs to its people and not that of any one organization. Our freedoms are being challenged all over again, if we can’t even walk on the streets without the threat of crime, then are we truly free or just prisoners of a different kind.

This country Is worth fighting for and I will fight for freedom again.

In the event of a reset

Last night while I was shutting my PC down I got to wonder on a little point, what would happen if Blizzard did a reset on all of our accounts, basically making us all restart at level 1. Besides the obvious emotional melt downs, if you had to restart, what class, race and faction would you choose? Now for the Death Knight fans out there this would be a difficult choice knowing that we would need to start another class before we could get to our first choice.

My first choice would be a Death Knight, right now I’m a Human DK but I would probably change to an Orc DK in the event of a reset.

To start out it would be a choice between a Paladin and a Shaman. I’ve always been partial to healing classes. It would either be a human paladin or an Orc/Troll shaman.

In other news, I finally got my T2 PvP sword this weekend and what a difference it makes, normally where I was battling with clothies; I was now taking them down with consummate ease. I didn’t realise that there was so much reliance on the Weapon.

I would have had my sword a lot earlier had my line not been down over the Christmas period.