Game Changer

I was reading some articles last night of companies planning to mine asteroids for their platinum etc. Here is a link to the article This got me thinking back about my EVE Online days, I’m seriously thinking of re subscribing to the game. I’ve always loved the Sci-Fi genre and reading the article along with the new Dust 514 FPS, I have an overwhelming desire for all things space.

I used to play SWTOR as well but for some reason I did not enjoy it. I always felt that it was too close to WOW; to me SWTOR was WOW in space. EVE is just completely different; it’s just complete lawlessness where literally anything goes.

I miss some of the mining ops with my Hulk, loading it out as a tank and drones galore

I also had a second account with an Orca for storage and more drones to take pirates, used to store a fully kitted out Wolf in the Hanger just for fun.

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