Paladin and co Levelling

A while ago I mentioned that I wanted to level my Paladin, well I’ve managed to get myself to level 89 as of last night. I’ve levelled as Retribution; my only problem is that I’ve found her to be a bit squishy, especially when you get a cluster of mobs. I expected her to be a lot tougher than she is. My Pally can kite well though and that has probably been my saving grace, BOP’s Freedoms and the good ol HOJ. Naturally blinding light has saved me on many occasions.

I’ve not done a lot of instances; I’ve found them to be slower than just questing. The great thing about questing is all the items I get to disenchant which helps me to build up some stock

Once I hit 90 I have a decision as to whether I take my 86 Warrior to 90 or my 85 Druid? Now I also have a 72 Shaman lingering around, (Altism anyone?)

Now all of my characters are Alliance but to be honest I’m getting bored with the faction, I’ve always found the Horde lore to be a lot more interesting, especially when in concerns Thrall. Now even though I have a warrior at 86, I’ve started a new Orc warrior as I want to experience the Horde story from start to end.

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