I’m back

Happy new year to all the bloggers and readers out there. The reason for my lack of posting is due to the fact that my broadband connection was down for almost a month. So i was left disconnected from the world for a fair amount of time. With that as my only broadband connection, it left me without my umbilical cord to the internet.

Not all was lost however as it gave me time rethink my gaming schedule and how much of my time is taken up to gaming. I was able to reflect on more important parts of my life. The downtime corresponded to my annual leave which at first was frustrating as i had planned to do some raiding.

I managed to work on my house and complete some tasks i would not have normally done. My wife was well pleased with my misfortune and hence I’ve built up some good reputation with the boss.

One tends to forget just how reliant we have become on being always connected. There was something refreshing about having this “Technology fast” enforced on me. Yes i did miss out on some news but, like any soap opera, within a few days one is back to speed with the goings on in the digital universe.

Although my initial intention of this blog to focus on Death Knight PvP. I’ve come to realise that it is to narrow a subject. I’m planning to find a raiding guild and progress there as well. Not only with my Death Knight but also my Paladin and Shaman.

It’s great to be back, speak to you soon

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