A time of Restoration

I may have mentioned in an earlier post but I’m a bit of an Altoholic. I’ve created a Shaman that I would like to level as restoration. Now I had a Dwarf shaman previously but with all the changes, specifically on the totem side I would like to re-level to relearn the changes. Sadistic I know but I’ve always been like that.

This is where I need help, are there any Shamans out there that could assist me with some totem macro’s, how does one go about dropping 4 totems again? Is it even possible to do this or do you have to bind each totem individually?

If I look at healing, I’m finding that the Shaman is the strongest both from a PVE and PVP perspective. As a race I went with a male Draenei to see how well Gift of the Naaru will work, I also like their animations along with their intimidating posture.

2 thoughts on “A time of Restoration

  1. I’ve been pondering getting my alt Shaman out of mothballs for a while too, especially since both dps Elemental and Enhance seem to be able to perform exceedingly well now. The move from a totem forest to using totems as cooldown abilities is interesting, and I have not tried them since the big change. It is a Draenei, and GotN is excellent for healing while on the move between quest pulls.

    • The totem shuffle requires a lot more work now. It’s no longer a fire and forget but rather use them the same way you would use a spell. I now have to make more space on my bars for all the different totems.

      Have to admit that healing at low levels is exceptionally easy. I’ve done instances as elemental and restoration and have enjoyed both. Want to try enhance now and see how that goes.

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