David and Goliath

I wanted to post this article last week however due to kid’s birthday parties’ etc I was unable to do so. Anyway last week WOW insider posted an article called David or Goliath which explored the notion of either being undergeared or overgeared for instances and Raids etc.

I tend to fit into both camps here. Some people just love out gearing a Raid in order to just completely steamroll it, for me that is not exiting at all, there is no challenge hence in my view why Blizzard Entertainment put the achievement factor into the game. I remember a few years ago when Gevlon had a raid group going where the rule was that you could only wear blue items. It would seem that they needed to prove skill not the ability to obtain gear.

Don’t get me wrong, people work hard to get that gear, but there is a real sense of achievement when you can down a boss when you are not optimally geared and hence I gather that this is how progression guilds must feel like.

On the other side of the coin, in PvP I love to outgear the battleground in order to rotfstomp the opposition. Seems like a contradiction I know, in PvP I’m not always guaranteed to win, but in Raids, you will eventually win.

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