I suffer from Alt-ism

I have a confession to make; I have a love of Alt’s that borders on the insane. I just love having a variety of toons around in case I get bored and believe me I can get bored easily. So my latest alt is a paladin which I’ve got to level 31. Look it helps having 5 pieces of heirloom gear for the xp bonus. Currently leveling as Retribution but would like to try my hand again at healing.

My very first character I got to max level was a paladin, back in the day when I was on the US realms. Not knowing the talent trees so well in those days I leveled as holy, which were agonizingly slow, except when people needed a healer. Spent half my time applying buffs to the party as in those days blessings only lasted 5 minutes. Also in those days Paladins were a two trick healing pony with Holy light and flash of light.

Now a days the healing arsenal has improved considerably and much more conducive to AOE healing. I’ll swap over now to a healing as I was waiting for the duel spec to be made available.

The use of Holy power as a resource is an interesting one, at low levels it seems to take an exorbitant amount of time to build up 3 holy power in order to use Templars verdict. At least now judgment also generates holy power.

I’ve got 2 pieces of PvP gear for my Death Knight, I’m think of swapping out to Frost until I’m fully decked out in PvP gear as Unholy feels really weak right now, and against fully geared opposition my DOTS hardly do any damage, only if they are low health and Soul reaper kicks in is there some sort of satisfaction. So against my view of a death knight I’m going to swap. I will miss my ghoul, he is great when you are sapped and a rogue tries to take a node, he constantly interrupts them, like a Jack Russell he annoys all opposition.

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