Dev watercooler PvP in MoP

WOW insider has posted an Article on some of the PvP plans they have for Mists of Pandaria


I think the plans they have for MMR is good, they are against the idea of a MMR reset which In my view is correct, with a reset it would be like Usain Bolt running against you in the high school 100m, just would not be a fair race. I do have a problem with team ratings with guys hitting a high rating then sitting back for the rest of the season, there should be some sort of penalty or degradation over time for inactivity.

Class balance Concerns

They have pretty much mentioned all the class I tend to battle with in PvP, although my problem is mainly against shadow priests.

Healing for me is a major issue, and they are spot on when it comes to off spec healing. I’ve never had an issue struggling against a healer if that is his main spec, but when you fight an off-spec and he can still out heal you then I have some concerns.

Even though this point has not been mentioned, I find Druid mobility off the chart, even with my Chains of Ice, the druid can keep me kited all day, heal themselves then continue on their merry path.

PvP sneak peak.

I glad Blizzard is finally going to review the current scoreboard. This item has not changed since release and could do with a major revamp.

Mention is made of smoother battleground brackets, basically scaling players up the level cap of the bracket they are fighting in, this is right out of the Guild Wars 2 book off tricks.

Small groups in rated Battlegrounds, they idea is sound but I would make some changes to their thinking. Maybe make an arena or two as a selection on the battleground screen specifically if you want to do a 5v5 but not at a serious level with a bunch of mates. I know one can do a skirmish in this manner but if you have a team and like the battleground feel then one can do that, just a though.

World PvP like Tol Barad and Wintergrasp is a must; I’ve always loved this style of play.

Just some of my views on the topic of PvP.

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