My DK is now officially my highest level toon. I’ve finished off with the Jade forest and headed into the Valley of the four Winds. I really like the second zone, as mentioned in one of my previous posts forest type areas just don’t do it for me. The Valley of the Four Winds has a Hobbit style to it with the rolling green hills and undulations.

I did get to do my first Instance on my DK so I can do some comparisons with my Warrior wrt DPS, damage and gear levels.














Stormstout Brewery

Stormstout Brewery





Didn’t get to play on Sunday as it was my Daughters First birthday party

Variety is the spice of life

Most of my gaming time is dedicated to World of Warcraft, mainly because I’ve invested so much time into the game from the days of vanilla WOW. So I have this sense of obligation to the game, even though I’ve taken regular breaks. My biggest problem at the moment is that a lot of my real life friends have moved off to other games i.e. Guilds Wars, The Secret World and EVE Online etc. So I’m at a place where I need to find new friends in game which rather challenging for me right now.

I do have an active EVE Online account which has been running for a year now whereby I’m pretty close to piloting a Caldari Dreadnaught (Phoenix). Haven’t played EVE for a few months now purely due to the skill level training that I’m going through, although once I get back into it I know I will be completely engaged again.

I bought Guild Wars 2 at launch but have pretty much not done anything except install and create a character.

So what am I trying to say, changing it up is healthy, I’d like to spend a bit more time in Guild Wars 2 as I believe the scenery is spectacular, something I wish Blizzard would look at but doubt they will only because they have higher priority ticket items to deal with.

EVE is in my view equally beautiful in its own right; there is something about that place that is tranquil and calming until you get out of high sec.


Hit level 84 last night after about 30 minutes of play. Dropped all my Uldam quests and headed straight for the Twilight highlands forgetting that I have to hold the princes hand for a few quests in Stormwind. One of my main reasons in heading out to this zone is that I want to do the Crucible of Carnage quest line which I always find enjoyable and because it:

  • Give tons of XPs
  • Give a cool Sword, yes it will be replaced in Mists, but the Sword is still good looking, has transmog potential you know.

I’m looking forward to experiencing the new content in MOP with my DK, with my other toons it feels like a real grind at the moment. I should be there tomorrow only because tonight there will be no playing done.

Forgetfulness abounds

Well I had an entire blog post in my head this morning that I thought was appropriate for the day, then lo and behold by the time I got to work I had completely forgotten what I was going to write about. Now I’m trying to rack my brain as to what I was thinking about. A major cause might be the fact that my 1 year old daughter does not sleep very well at night.

Leveling Zones

So I hoped on to my DK last night for about an hour’s play time, currently leveling in Uldam which is one of my more favorite zones due the whole Indiana Jones feel to it. I’ve always been a fan of that genre; whole desert feel has always intrigued me. It’s probably why I loved doing Badlands and Descolace in my early WOW days. Was never a fan of the jungle book zones, hence why I loathed Stranglethorn Vale.

One of the reasons for this is that I zoom out quite far from my character and in densely populated zones one is always hindered by trees etc.

Having said this, I detested Hellfire peninsula, only because it was a mandatory zone and all my toons had to go there, Nagrand on the other hand was my favorite zone in Outland.

Anyone have a particular favorite zone for leveling?

Hail to the King

This is my first true foray into the blogging world, I’ve given it a few attempts before but didn’t really push hard to get exposure or dedicate my time to writing on a regular basis. So armed with renewed vigor I approached a number of more well known as well as ex bloggers out there for some guidance on starting, running and maintaining a blog, I also received some excellent tips for content.

This is not an acceptance speech by any means but there are a few people I really need to thank for giving up some of their time to coach me through the perils of blogging.

Thank you guys for all your help

Closing in on Mists

Leveling progress

My initial thought was to take my warrior and level him to 90 as he has always been my main; however since starting my DK I’ve just found him to be just an absolute ball of fun. I started this weekend with him on level 79 and managed to progress him to level 83. This is taking into consideration that I did not play at all on Saturday night; I left the kids with my mother-in-law and took the wife out for dinner for some well deserved alone time.

What I found interesting was the speed at which I leveled. My initial grind to 85 took me just over a week of regular play time, this time around was so much quicker. To try put this in perspective there were a few things in my favor.

  • Heirloom gear which really only helps to get to 81 due to the ilvl increase in gear drops
  • Blizzard making leveling quicker
  • Renewed love for my chosen class

Hyjal quest line of 115 quests to get the coming down the mountain achievement

  • Completing this on my warrior got me to 81 and a bit
  • Completing on my DK just about got me to level 82

PvP progress

PvP is an inevitable part of leveling, especially on our PvP server. While I was in Northrend i didn’t see many people but the minute I hit 80 and went to Hyjal then all hell broke loose, ganking became the norm.

As usual I struggled with caster classes, they seem to be the Bain of my existence especially priests, I just can’t counter this class. One would think as Unholy spec that I should be able to beat him, but they just seem to be so strong right now.

For now I’ve switched out to blood spec for the extra defensive capabilities and survivability, this was evident when I managed to down a hunter who was 2 levels above me, to be fair he didn’t look comfortable with his class and a more experienced hunter would have taken me down.

Tonight I’ll take a break and just build up a bit of rested XP, Mondays are generally hectic in our household.

Grind Music

On m way home from work yesterday I came across a band that I had not heard from in a while namely Fall out boy. It reminded me of my earlier days of wow with the level grind, while listening I found myself transported back in time to when I was leveling my initial toons. It got me thinking of all the music I would listen to while playing, even during battlegrounds etc.

I tended to listen to the following

  • Fall out boy
  • Metallica
  • Submersed
  • Breaking Benjamin
  • Billy Talent
  • More recently Blue Stahli

Is there any specific music you guys listen either while grinding or doing some battlegrounds, even during raids? I found that I needed certain music for particular occasions.

Momentum Gained

So I decided last night to just knuckle down and level my DK, hit a few instances and 1 battleground (WSG). I went from 77 to a few bars away from 79 which for me isn’t bad considering my busy real life schedule.

Now I’m Unholy specced and finding that he deal a tremendous amount of AOE damage, but I’m finding my single target damage to be less than optimal. Is there a specific rotation or do I just maintain the same setup as AOE?

AOE Rotation – Considering I’m still Level 78

Diseases -> Pestilence -> Blood Boil – > Death and Decay -> Scourge Strike -> Festering strike to refresh my diseases.

Is this the right rotation or am I missing the boat?

Addons and the like

Didn’t do any questing or leveling last night as I had this urge to try and fix my UI. I use the default Blizzard UI as up to now it has fulfilled my requirements. Most of the addons that I have are those you do not see, like OMNICC. Postal, auctionator etc. The only really visible addon is recount, and even that gets in my way. I’m minimalistic at best so clutter just messes with my Aura.

So I spent my evening try to get fubar working but could not find the core addon anywhere, maybe I’m just blind but I searched curse to no avail.

So my DK is still on 77 and my warrior on 86, just don’t have the energy to level right now. Three kids stress full job will tend to take it out of a person.

DK Delight

Mr. DK is now at level 77, all I’ve really done is queued for instances in order to level up, having three level 85’s already I just did not want to go through that process again. The stories were great the first time around but now I just want to get to Pandaria. I’ve found that the queues are relatively fast as a large number of Monks are levelling especially as a tank which is great for instance turnaround times.

I’ve always been top DPS and damage dealer purely from the fact that I’ve got a number of heirloom items. Between 80 and 85 we should see a difference that will allow me to understand my true capability and whether I’m ahead or behind the curve.

My DK has no enchants at all as I’m out running the gear too quickly. My weapon has the rune of the fallen crusader for the healing benefit; it is also my PvP rune of choice.