Back to the future

I finally hit 90 on Friday night and it was all achieved by doing BG’s, strangely enough though it felt a little hollow as I’ve achieved a major goal and I’m wondering, ok now what? I feel like I’ve gone from high school where one is large and in charge to Varsity where you are once again a small fish in a big pond, it’s all rather intimidating.

My feeling is that leveling to 90 is the easy bit, gearing up for raids or Arena’s is the hard bit as people are a lot less forgiving of any mistakes you make. The play for fun bit is over, now it is serious business and to be honest, it becomes intimidating, especially when one’s time is so limited. Let me quantify that for you. I can play a lot, however I’m unable to string a good few hours together dedicated to playing, normally my time is interrupted with kids, dinner, homework etc. We also have a one year old which takes a lot of one’s time and I really need to be there to support my wife over just gaming for hours on end. The game will be there for me when life settles down.

Funny, my title doesn’t reflect my initial thoughts for this post, what I wanted to discuss was nostalgic areas from my days in vanilla wow and what brought the whole game alive for me.

This is a bit of a heartfelt post, just too journal my thoughts and reflect on my current state and where I am in life.

Thanks for reading.

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