Forgetfulness abounds

Well I had an entire blog post in my head this morning that I thought was appropriate for the day, then lo and behold by the time I got to work I had completely forgotten what I was going to write about. Now I’m trying to rack my brain as to what I was thinking about. A major cause might be the fact that my 1 year old daughter does not sleep very well at night.

Leveling Zones

So I hoped on to my DK last night for about an hour’s play time, currently leveling in Uldam which is one of my more favorite zones due the whole Indiana Jones feel to it. I’ve always been a fan of that genre; whole desert feel has always intrigued me. It’s probably why I loved doing Badlands and Descolace in my early WOW days. Was never a fan of the jungle book zones, hence why I loathed Stranglethorn Vale.

One of the reasons for this is that I zoom out quite far from my character and in densely populated zones one is always hindered by trees etc.

Having said this, I detested Hellfire peninsula, only because it was a mandatory zone and all my toons had to go there, Nagrand on the other hand was my favorite zone in Outland.

Anyone have a particular favorite zone for leveling?

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