Closing in on Mists

Leveling progress

My initial thought was to take my warrior and level him to 90 as he has always been my main; however since starting my DK I’ve just found him to be just an absolute ball of fun. I started this weekend with him on level 79 and managed to progress him to level 83. This is taking into consideration that I did not play at all on Saturday night; I left the kids with my mother-in-law and took the wife out for dinner for some well deserved alone time.

What I found interesting was the speed at which I leveled. My initial grind to 85 took me just over a week of regular play time, this time around was so much quicker. To try put this in perspective there were a few things in my favor.

  • Heirloom gear which really only helps to get to 81 due to the ilvl increase in gear drops
  • Blizzard making leveling quicker
  • Renewed love for my chosen class

Hyjal quest line of 115 quests to get the coming down the mountain achievement

  • Completing this on my warrior got me to 81 and a bit
  • Completing on my DK just about got me to level 82

PvP progress

PvP is an inevitable part of leveling, especially on our PvP server. While I was in Northrend i didn’t see many people but the minute I hit 80 and went to Hyjal then all hell broke loose, ganking became the norm.

As usual I struggled with caster classes, they seem to be the Bain of my existence especially priests, I just can’t counter this class. One would think as Unholy spec that I should be able to beat him, but they just seem to be so strong right now.

For now I’ve switched out to blood spec for the extra defensive capabilities and survivability, this was evident when I managed to down a hunter who was 2 levels above me, to be fair he didn’t look comfortable with his class and a more experienced hunter would have taken me down.

Tonight I’ll take a break and just build up a bit of rested XP, Mondays are generally hectic in our household.

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