DK Delight

Mr. DK is now at level 77, all I’ve really done is queued for instances in order to level up, having three level 85’s already I just did not want to go through that process again. The stories were great the first time around but now I just want to get to Pandaria. I’ve found that the queues are relatively fast as a large number of Monks are levelling especially as a tank which is great for instance turnaround times.

I’ve always been top DPS and damage dealer purely from the fact that I’ve got a number of heirloom items. Between 80 and 85 we should see a difference that will allow me to understand my true capability and whether I’m ahead or behind the curve.

My DK has no enchants at all as I’m out running the gear too quickly. My weapon has the rune of the fallen crusader for the healing benefit; it is also my PvP rune of choice.

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