Well I broke down and created a Panda / Monk over the weekend. Let me say from the outset that the starting zone for the Panda is probably the best Blizzard has yet produced. The story is engaging and makes you feel that you need to go find an ashram somewhere and meditate.

Chances are that I won’t level the panda past level 20, at least for now as I’ve so many other priorities in game to complete. Once I hit 10 I initially specced windwalker but soon changes over to brewmaster. Tanking with the monk has got a humor aspect to. Let me explain, you grab agro by chucking what looks like a beer casket at target, it’s quite hilarious.

What I’m finding amazing is that when I ran some instances on my level 76 DK, that there were already the same level monks running around. People have managed 76 levels in a week, I’m astounded.

Anyway I’ve dipped my toes in the sacred pool of monks to get a feel, now I’ll carry on pushing my warrior and DK to 90.


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