Change of pace

I downloaded XCOM last night from stream and started playing the Demo, haven’t yet shelled out for the full version as yet. So far I’ve enjoyed the game, it’s a departure from your standard type game in that its turn based. As I’m a strategic/ Tactical thinker the game feels comfortable. It’s almost like a game of chess. Now I haven’t delved to deep into the game as yet but I could see it taking up a bit of one’s time due to the pace of the game. Tobold has a write up on the game if one is interested.

I’ll run through the entire demo before I make any decision to purchase the game but so far I’m enjoying the change of pace.


Back to the future

I finally hit 90 on Friday night and it was all achieved by doing BG’s, strangely enough though it felt a little hollow as I’ve achieved a major goal and I’m wondering, ok now what? I feel like I’ve gone from high school where one is large and in charge to Varsity where you are once again a small fish in a big pond, it’s all rather intimidating.

My feeling is that leveling to 90 is the easy bit, gearing up for raids or Arena’s is the hard bit as people are a lot less forgiving of any mistakes you make. The play for fun bit is over, now it is serious business and to be honest, it becomes intimidating, especially when one’s time is so limited. Let me quantify that for you. I can play a lot, however I’m unable to string a good few hours together dedicated to playing, normally my time is interrupted with kids, dinner, homework etc. We also have a one year old which takes a lot of one’s time and I really need to be there to support my wife over just gaming for hours on end. The game will be there for me when life settles down.

Funny, my title doesn’t reflect my initial thoughts for this post, what I wanted to discuss was nostalgic areas from my days in vanilla wow and what brought the whole game alive for me.

This is a bit of a heartfelt post, just too journal my thoughts and reflect on my current state and where I am in life.

Thanks for reading.

In continuation of the PvP grind

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, my plan was to do as much leveling via BG’s as possible. Well I’ve got about 10m XP left before I hit Level 90. This is with a reasonable good win ratio as well, although I did lose my first four Alterac Valley games. For Alterac Valley I specced in Blood for the survivability as you can just get completely overwhelmed.

The problem I found with Blood however is that was unable to apply enough pressure on a single target. Case in point was when I tried to cap a tower, I would get kited by a hunter and his pet, they would attack then run, inhibiting me from capping. I just could not kill him quickly enough, and in tower maneuverability was a problem. When I eventually got the tower I was able to comfortably guard it from intruders.

Had I’d been Unholy then the hunter would not stand a chance especially in a confined space, my dots and ghoul would have taken care of him.

I should hit 90 tonight should all go to plan, then it’s RBG’s and Arena’s

PvP Report

Yesterday I mentioned that I dabbled a bit in some PvP to see if it was a viable option. Realizing that a few PvP matches which were all loses was not a substantial basis for measurement, I headed out again for a few more battlegrounds so that I could get a better idea of the XP gains. Questing is by far the better way of leveling in MoP at the moment followed closely by Instances. Doing BG’s is the slower but by no means a bad option. If you are anything like me then you tend to require some variety in your game play.

All I did last night was BG’s and the XP gains weren’t too bad if you win. AV gave me about 700k for a win, that excludes any towers you may take down, they usually give about 117k so you could easily do 1.1mil XP per AV game that you win. The other BG’s like Battle for Gilneas and Arathi Basin give about 400k XP at level 89.

Battle for Gilneas is the current Call to Arms BG in Europe so I spent a fair amount of time in there for any added bonuses that I could muster.

My main driver for doing BG’s now is that I’d like to hit honor cap by the time I hit 90 in order to get at least two PvP items. Secondly I just love doing BG’s and makes my leveling time more enjoyable.

Learning Curves

I got to level 89 last night and decided to head into some BG’s. I’ve purposefully avoided BG’s as I just did not want to be cannon fodder; I wanted to dish out some hurt. All I can say is that Soul Reaper and Necrotic strike is the bomb, literally, watching people just explode when Soul Reaper ticks is just such a blast. I ended up in the top three for damage which I felt wasn’t too bad considering that this was my first high level BG with a Death Knight.

There are a few key bindings that I need to resolve as well as a more optimal way of stacking Death Runes in order to use Necrotic strike more frequently. The first BG I headed into was Alterac Valley as I was curious to see how much XP one would get and whether it’s a worthwhile place to try level. Realized that this wasn’t the best strategy as we lost so I’m not too sure how much XP one gets for a win in there? I’ll try again tonight for a win to see if winning in AV is a good XP booster.


So Close

I’m about an hour’s play away from 89, that’s ok I suppose considering I was a fresh 87 at the start of the weekend. I wish I could just bury myself in leveling but there is just so much real life stuff to do. Ran a few instances and then really fell in love with Soul Reaper, what a fantastic skill. Watching mobs just drop is so much fun, can’t wait to use it in PvP. In instances it’s a blast to see mobs drop like flies while u kiting them.

On one mob during my grinding Soul Reaper did a 385k crit, that kind of crit would drop most players in one shot. I did capture it in recount so when I get home later today I will add it into the post.

I’m hoping to hit 90 by Wednesday should all things go to plan, then I can do some BG grinding to get the entry level PvP gear

On a personal note, my wife has put me on a diet and detox for the week, not that I’m overweight just that we have not looked after our diet and need to change it. Once that is done then I’ll start an exercise route to get my Cardio back to optimal levels.