First Instance in MOP

I ran my first 5 man instance of the expansion last night called the Stormstout Brewery. I went in with my arms warrior as that is the spec that I’m most comfortable with. If you have good AOE abilities then one should do very well in this instance. The mage ended as both top DPS and Damage with the feral druid following suite in DPS. I managed to out damage the druid but he did beat me in DPS. Not that this was a contest, really was more of an indication of how I was doing relative to my fellow gamers.

The instance itself was ok, nothing to shout home about, it’s more of a vehicle to get one to 90. It’s not a pretty instance, at least for me.

At the end of the day I did 13k dps and 15.7 mil damage.

I’d like to see how this will compare to my DK when he does the same instance at the same level (85).


Missing my DK

The last few nights I’ve been attempting to level my Warrior to 90 with not much success, I’m just finding the zones far too busy for my liking and as such feel that I’m missing the story behind MOP. To a greater extent I’m missing my DK, I’ve been leveling him up the last little while and to be honest, he has been such a blast. I wish he was at 85 and I could get him to 90 first.

I tried leveling my 85 pally and there seems to be no love there for him right now, same with my Druid, I’m just not feeling it.

Any suggestions as I really want to get at least one of the guys to 90 to experience the new content .

Off to 90 we go

Got my copy of MOP last night and proceeded to the new continent to start the leveling process. As can be expected the zones were exceptionally laggy due the sheer amount of people in the same zone.

I think I’m going to leave my 85 toons for a few days so that the majority of the population can move away from the starter zones. If there is one bug bear for me in an expansion is a laggy game and fps in the single figures. It just makes the gaming experience disappointing which I don’t want, especially when I want to enjoy the new zones and immerse myself in the experience.

MOP Release

Well it’s expansion day here on the European realms so I can only image that the servers must be hectic right now. I’ve yet to logon and play as I have a full time job, family etc to do before gaming even enters the scene.

I’ll give it a day or so then I’ll start the leveling process. I have two accounts with my 85 druid on one account and all my other guys on the other. I’ll start with my Warrior and druid and level them together. My Druid will be my pocket healer during this time.

As for professions my Warrior is a miner / Blacksmith and my Druid does Herbalism / Inscription. I’m sure by now someone has hit level 90; if not then they would be very close.

Only problem with the expansion now is that my Death Knight is going to have to take a back seat till my other two guys hit 90.

Weekend report

Well I’ve got myself to level 74, is now the highest I’ve ever leveled a Death Knight. I’ve been playing as Unholy which in my view is a better PvP spec but is also a cool PVE spec. I feel a bit like a warlock in plate with a number of dots ticking on targets, one just has to get into melee range to apply.

I’ve done quite a number of BG’s as well, generally my rotation is chains of ice à Icy touch à Plague Strike à (depending if there is a group I pop pestilence to spread the love) after that I spam some blood boil. By that stage I use Death Coil and Scourge Strike. I use Festering strike to reset my dots.


I’m still struggling with Casters, especially Priests, but it’s getting better. Using the Unholy spec allows me to have a pet. This guy can stun really well and against casters is great. One just has to time Strangulate and Mind freeze.

At the moment 5 man instances are a bit of a DPS race, but hey they give good XP which is helping the leveling cause.


Goodbye Outland

I dinged 68 last night, with it I got some cool abilities like Ebon Plaguebringer. So I packed my bags and headed off to Northrend to face my previous master.

I had a surprisingly good run in BG’s having only experienced 1 loss which is rather rare. Just one of those things I guess. Looking forward to getting Outbreak at 81 as this will free up some runes, I just need to figure out a way to add it to my rotation. Of more importance is how and where to macro it in.

A new kind of Presence

No the title is not asking for a new DK presence, rather I want to expand my reach and put out some youtube video’s, expand my presence (See what I did there). Although I’m only level 67, I’d like to start putting out some videos of my leveling experience, specifically around PvP.

My other task now is to try driving people to my blog as well as my youtube channel, which is the hardest piece of work for me. Secondly is to produce content that people and players are interested in.

If someone does stumble across this blog then please do give me some advice on how to achieve me goals.


Have fun

Diary of a DK Episode 2

Did a few BG’s last night, constantly got Eye of the Storm, seeing as it is the Call to arms BG for the week it was bound to happen. Had some good fun though, didn’t get blasted off the edge by the flag thankfully.

Is it me or is anyone finding Priest to be highly OP at the moment? They just seem to spam penance and u die in three shots. At least that what happens to me.

Hit level 66 in the process, I want to see if I can level my DK in BG’s until 70 although this might be a bit of a grind.

Have Fun.

Dairy of a DK

The Death Knight is one of the few classes that I’ve never leveled past 70, probably more from a complete lack of understanding of the class more than anything else. So as a personal challenge I’ve decided to take the plunge and level one up. I’ve always had a tendency to play melee type classes, hence one would think that a DK would just fit right in with my play style, but I just could not wrap my head around the mechanics of the class, just did not feel right. Well I’m pleased to say that I’ve now got to level 65 without deleting him which is a big deal. Admittedly I was never good in PVP with a DK which is where I hang out with all my other classes.

Now that would sound strange to most as the DK always seemed to be top dog, especially when I would do a BG in the late 50 range, they were always leading the meters.

I do have a confession to make though, my key bindings just didn’t seem to work, and that is with all my classes, so even though I was doing ok, I was never great. I watched a youtube video the other day by Bajheera on key bindings which I promptly tried out. Well the difference was noticeable, in fact to the point where I was top of the damage meters. This really excited me and made me want to continue my pilgrimage to level cap.

I know that they probably won’t read this but, for me I just want to say thank you, it was really helpful.